The CDS Vision

At CDS we aspire to make every student feel valued and special. We make it our commitment to motivate and inspire dancers, both young and old, to put their best “foot” forward! We want all of our students to learn together, laugh together, and dance away with life long friendships!


Our Story

At 18 years old, Carmarie Glogoza had a dancing dream to be a Rockette! When her height didn’t quite make the cut she decided to take her passion in a different direction. In 1979 she opened a Dance Studio that would begin with less than 30 students in a church basement and flourish into a 700 square foot, 2 studio, “Home Away From Home” for over 380 students and 16 instructors! In 2017 Amber Leistner, a 30 year student and 20 year instructor at the studio, took over where Carmarie had left off.

At CDS it’s not uncommon to find classes full of tiny legacies. Students whose parents, aunts, older siblings, cousins, and even grandparents danced with-in those walls years prior.

Miss Amber inspires to continue the grace, passion, and whole hearted love for teaching dance that her life-long teacher and mentor, Miss Carmarie, had instilled in her.

CDS Values







Amber Leistner

Studio Owner, Dance Instructor

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